“Boldly sensual, unflinching in its depiction of bodies taken to extreme limits, the works of Javier Dzul vividly acknowledge the struggles of life. But these dances also radiate hope: the leaping and swirling company members illustrate our capacity to surmount challenge by bidding the body and mind to fly…” -Jay Blotcher, Roll Magazine     

“Javier Dzul sent people twisting and turning with remarkable elasticity…they made skillful use of devices that turned them into creatures of the air as well as of the earth.”   - Jack Anderson, The New York Times


“Electrifying…Dzul’s compositions create tumultuous psychological echoes of a socio-cultural past and emotional maps of a possible human future.”  - Suzanne K. Walther, Magazine.Art

"Simply Spectacular…”  - Aharon Sosa Gonzalez, La i (Mexico)


"Javier Dzul spent the first 16 years of his life in the Mexican jungle... All this makes perfect sense when you see his spellbinding solo, performed largely with his back to us. Muscles ripple in seemingly inhuman ways, before he moves, animal-like, across the floor and up into aerial silks, for a graceful show of strength."  -Kelly Apter, The Scotsman


“Dzul finds a vehicle in which to cross boundaries. The voice, often eloquent and sophisticated, tells of a people caught between two worlds.”   -Lori Ortiz, Attitude: The Dancers’ Magazine


“Javier Dzul’s choreography spans time and emotion…his widely varied experiences as a dancer have put a stamp on his choreography and enabled him to develop a vocabulary that fuses different elements into a cohesive expression.”  - Suzanne K. Walther, Attitude: The Dancers’ Magazine                                                                                               


“Javier Dzul’s self-presentation could not be more eye-catching. The dancer/aerialist/choreographer and head of Dzul Dance makes striking sculpture of his sinewy flesh with every movement on land or in the air. His every appearance in Forest of Kings is a regal, masterful study in how to stare down and command a stage or, really, life itself, by sheer personality and will.  And it is clear that he has inspired his young dancers to go for the gusto…”        -Eva Yaa Asantewaa, Dance Bloggers   


"Beautiful...Mr. Dzul, who had wrapped himself high up in the fabric, tumbled in a series of flip-flopping falls and ended with his bald head mere inches from the floor. As a death scene, this was extremely effective. In the instant of Mr. Dzul's horrifying submission to gravity, it was easy to imagine that a man could, in fact, die. It was the most honest drama of the evening."-Erika Kinetz, The New York Times   


"Javier Dzul has a strong presence...'An Encounter with Picasso' recalled Martha Graham's 'Penitente' in its consciuos use of theatricalized ritual."  - Jennifer Dunning, The New York Times


"Dzul moves with the undulant muscularity of a jaguar…echoes of Martha Graham’s heroic tableaux are visible in his choreography as are elements of Mayan cosmology…Dzul’s imagery is intricate, epic and profuse.”
 - Sparrow, Chronogram                                                           


"Mr. Dzul demonstrates why he is the leader of this pack keeping us at the edge of our seat as he contorts and isolates each muscle of his back with fluent ease and snake-like dexterity."   - Antonio Minino,The Happiest Medium Blog